Judicial Channel – more than 150 programs broadcasted by TV

55 Roundtables with participation of representatives of judicial system

47 Seminars for journalists, 12 of which were conducted in the regions

Operation of Hotline to provide free legal assistance to population in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, and Kapan – provided legal assistance in 1457 cases, including attorney services


Monitoring projects


  1. Coverage of Judicial Topics in Press
  2. Public Perception about Lawyers’ Services
  3. Public Opinion on Police Work
  4. Practice of Sending Criminal Cases to Additional Investigation
  5. Ethics Code for Journalists Writing on Legal Issues (2002, USAID, Chemonics        International)
  6. Analysis of the Results of the Monitoring on Practice of Sending Criminal Cases for Additional Investigation (2007, OSI Armenian branch)
  7. “Press and Law”, publication of bulletin series (30) (1997-2003, Eurasia Foundation)
  8. “Press against Corruption” publication of bulletin series (6) ( 2004-2005, EIDHR)
  9. For Population ( 2004-2005,  2007-2008, EIDHR):



  • “You Are Arrested, You Are a Suspect”
  • “Arrestees and Detainees”
  • “The Accused, Acquitted, Convicted, and Defender: the Rights and Duties
  • “Who and How Can Restrict Individual’s Freedom and Rights (Measures of Restrain)”
  • “On Conducting Meetings, Rallies, Marches, and Demonstrations”
  • “To the Court with the Lawyer”
  • “To the court without the Lawyer”