Finished Projects

1997 – 1998 Legal training for journalists (The Eurasia Foundation, USAID)

1999 Project on establishing contacts between NGO and media organizations in South Caucasus (The Eurasia Foundation, USAID)

1999 – 2000 Media and Judicial Authority (The Eurasia Foundation, USAID, OSIAF Armenian Branch)

2000 – 2001 Court TV Channel (The Eurasia Foundation, USAID)
2001 – 2002 Professional Code of the Legal Journalists (Chemonics International, USAID)

2002 -2003 Court TV Channel-2 (The Eurasia Foundation, USAID)

2004 – 2005 Strengthening the Role of the Media in Establishing the Rule of Law in Armenia ( EIDHR)

2004- 2005 The Right to a Fair Trial in Armenia (OSIAF Armenian Branch)

2004 Presumption of Innocence in Judicial Practice (Friedrich Ebert Fund)

2005 Justice and Corruption (Friedrich Ebert Fund)

2006 Hotline legal assistance to the citizens – trial participants (OSCE)

2007- 2008 Further Strengthening the Role of the Media in Establishing the Rule of Law and Fostering the Legal Culture in Armenia (EIHDR)

2008 The First Verdicts of the European Court on the Complaints from the Citizens of Armenia

2011 – 2012 From the Legal System to the Independent Judicial Authority (EIDHR)

2012-2014 Promation of European model of justice in Armenia: civil society control over judicial practice (EIDHR)

2015-2017`Citizen vs. State: The Role of Civil Society in Establishing Rule of Law in Armenia (EIDHR)

After a night patrol with the Second District Police in Washington, DC

Exchange of experience in court reporting (The Baltimore Sun newspaper)

A short interview and a photo (The White House, Washington, DC)