Court TV Channel

The Judicial Channel TV Program of Femida NGO is broadcasted with minor intervals (due to technical and funding issues) since 2000 up until now. In the beginning it was aired by A1+ TV, and later by H2 TV Company.

The TV Program aims at supporting the establishment of the independent judiciary and raising the legal awareness of the population. The program received high recognition among the population, proven by the rating results of the H2 TV Channel, the feedback of the population provided to Femida NGO, applications and comments by regular citizens.

The TV Program’s high recognition is due to the following reasons:

  • Firstly, it tells about regular citizens experience in judicial protection their legal interests and rights, including in the on-line regime;
  • Secondly, for the first time the programs covered issues related to regional courts and attracted the regional audience attention. This is an important factor, because the legal awareness and immunity of the regional population and the public oversight is on very low level as compared to Yerevan.
  • Third, each program contains an interpretation/comment component. A lawyer-expert, the author, and the representative of the respective structure/agency explain the legal norms related to the case in question. This is also a very important element, considering the low level of legal awareness of the population.
  • Fourth, the very complex expert level information is provided in a very accessible and comprehensive manner and language. This is an important element, because the program is broadcasted throughout the country, and it is viewed in all marzes of the country, very remote villages where awareness is on very low level as compared to urban communities.
  • Fifth, the program does not contain any political or other subjective and biased content. This itself makes the program reliable and trustworthy.
  • False Rape and Murder (The case of Tashir resident Armen Poghosyan, erroneously convicted for charges of rape and murder of an eleven year old girl, 3 programs)
  • The Negative Practice of Judicial Protection of Property Right
  • Trafficking of Armenian Women
  • The Guardianship Case of the Underage Child
  • Discussion of RA Judicial Code
  • False Testimony
  • Is the Civil Case Different?
  • “Uninformed” Community Mayor
  • Prostitutes by Their Own Choice and Not Trafficking
  • Juvenile Criminals
  • The discussion of the RA Judicial Code
  • Greedy Heir
  • Children trade business
  • Public Defender
  • Life Convicts (4 programs)

Titles of several programs of pivotal significance.

Some of the programs are available on the website.