Legal Training

In 1997-2003 Femida carried out regular seminars and roundtables, which aimed at raising the level of legal competence of journalists interested in the legal subject and thereby to contribute to advancing the role of the media process of establishing the rule of law and independent judiciary system. The seminars were conducted by judges ad famous lawyers. Journalists selected specific court cases and attended hearings in the courts of all three instances. Then, the workshop participants presented their assessment of the judicial process. Their opinions on the legal process were discussed at the roundtables and published by Femida in its Journalism and Law newsletter.


In the first round of judicial sector reforms the organization started to work on legal education for journalists. In 1998-99 many seminars were conducted on three main issues:

1) The current Armenian judicial system and the goals of the reform,


2) Legislature process in Armenia, and


3) Media coverage of legislative reforms.


Among seminars conducted in 2002-2008 were:

“The Right to Fair Trial in RA” (OSI Armenian branch), “Justice and Corruption” (Friedrich Ebert Foundation), “Judicial Protection of Human Rights in Armenia” (Friedrich Ebert Foundation), “Anti-Corruption Program in Judicial System” ; First Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights on Applications from RA Citizens” (Friedrich Ebert Foundation):

Some of the Roundtables conducted include:

“Corruption in the Judicial System of Armenia”– 2006 Vanadzor.

Discussion Topic: RA Government’s Anti-Corruption Strategy’s Main Provisions and future actions of the judicial system.

Citizens against Municipality – 2006 Yerevan. Discussion Topic:

Illegal construction in Yerevan and issues of judicial protection of residents. The Roundtable took place at the initiative of the citizens following a program dedicated to the discussion of the aforementioned issue.

Judicial Protection of Property Right – 2007 Yerevan.

Discussion Topic: The negative judicial practice of unlawful decisions related to property right.

Discussion of the New Law on Prosecutors Service – 2007 Yerevan.

Discussion Topic: The main provisions from the aspect of public interests protection.

Discussion of the RA Judicial Code adopted in February, 2007 – 2007 Yerevan.

Discussion Topic: Pros and Cons of the Judicial Code from the aspect of access to justice.